Some Classes Are All About the Production…

In Acting classes today, we’ve noticed two things. First, we see instructors that focus the entire time on a production and almost no time on the student. Students who are talented get pushed to the back row or to a two-word line just because they’re “not right” for the part. Second, we see instructors that are so focused on the final product that they give no focus to actually teaching acting. Students learn how to put on a play, but they never learn how to act.


We’re All About the Impact.

We believe in impacting the individual student. We believe that if your student doesn’t get a chance in the spotlight, we haven’t done our job. We also believe in actually teaching acting. We believe in not just putting on a production, but on raising up talented actors and actresses. Some classes are all about the production, we’re all about the IMPACT.

Impact GroupThe Chronicles of Narnia, Spring 2014

10272684_304289979695629_5107370367570815848_oLittle Late Riding Hood, Fall Spring 2014

Impact 64Showcase Night Fall 2013